A Farmer Found

A Farmer Found

Hi! I’m Ashley, with Pruitt’s Farm in Cornelius, Oregon.

We were working at the Downtown Hillsboro Market last season, and I found myself in some serious pain. As luck would have it, Chris was attending as well; offering his cannabidiol products to the community. Between customers, I hurried over to ask for something that would help. In true-to-Chris generous nature, he gave me a bottle of drops, and within 45 minutes, I was worlds improved. I knew then I wanted to carry Springhill Farm CBD in our store here at Pruitt’s Farm. Everything we share with our ‘farm fam’ (what we call our customers) is something we can get behind, from local crafts people. From humans we trust.

So, how did we all get here? Let me tell you a little bit about my journey…

I was 30 in June of 2017, and had just moved my life back across the country after spending the previous 20 years of it in North Carolina. From my new home base, I’d spend mornings walking back roads that spider webbed throughout the countryside. These walks gave space for my waterfall thoughts:


“30. Never married. No Kids.”

 “I’ll move to Portland, and find a job back in my career”

“What did I just do ... what will I do now?”


Each scary footstep though, felt more and more like validation… validation that despite leaving a solid job in tech, a vast net of nice-enough people, and the comfort of my old world; I had indeed made the right move. It was on one of those walkabouts that I quite literally stumbled across Pruitt’s Farm. Unsure of the driveway, I decided to walk down. I was drawn into the neon “open” sign rhythmically blinking in the window of a large brown metal building.

I asked the nice gentleman working in the farm store if they might be hiring… and I started the very next day. Thinking I would spend a few hours a week playing gardener until I got back into my field of marketing and web design, I found myself loving the honesty of hoeing bush beans and planting tomatoes that first day. I was entirely green and unsure of what I should even wear, but on my second day, that nice gentleman threw me on a tractor (for the first time in my life, I might add) and had me mow the orchard. Buzzing atop that blue Ford tractor, my panic melted to bliss that day, and I knew something divine led me to that seat … and to the most peaceful I had felt in years. 

That was five growing seasons past, and what I thought would be a simple summer job is now everything I am, and the life I live seven days a week, every day of the year. I love living here and running this 75 year old family farm with ‘the nice gentleman’, who I now call my best friend. His name is Richard (Rick) Johnson, and he is the grandson of George and Ivvel Pruitt, the founders of Pruitt’s Farm. Together, we tend to these fifty – some acres full of life and love.

The farm store is open 5 days a week, year-round. We attend farmer’s markets every Saturday and Sunday from April to Halloween, and we try to keep an orchard, field crops, and 6 greenhouses in production. That doesn’t leave time for much else, but I genuinely love what we’re doing here. When 90 percent of what you do on a daily basis is a preferred activity, working every day isn’t bad at all. That said, my bones don’t always agree with me, and CBD has helped me manage the inevitable aches and pains associated with farm life.

That’s where I’m blessed; I get to stock an entire store with goods from close to 75 local makers. I pick things I believe in, and things that can help people’s lives… much like Springhill Farm CBD. In addition to being a customer, I’m proud we carry this product line in our farm store because I know it works, and I want to share that with our patrons. It’s important to me that the people we work with at Pruitt’s Farm Store share our goals of uplifting the community, and I’ve come to know Springhill Farm is much like us. They are just trying to take care of their land, and with the medicine of CBD, their people by proxy.

I look back on those aimless, stress filled, morning walks, and the fear I felt of the unknown at that time. Then, I look at the life I’ve worked to create on this farm, the community we’re building, and I finally feel certain of myself, and my place now. It’s a good lesson for me to hold close - that I shouldn’t be afraid of what I don’t know, or doubt what’s possible. I had no idea what beauty was ahead of me, or how much improved my chronic pain and stress could be by tapping into the medicine of CBD.

Springhill Farm gets it. That’s why they’re making it simple. You cover shipping, and they’ll send you a sample of the strain of your choice for free. Already use their product? Help a friend experience the difference.


- Ashley Berovic

Pruitt’s Farm

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Hey Ashley,

I just read your blog about the farm. That’s awesome and I’m glad you are doing well. I’m thinking of farming hemp. Here in NC on my farm. I know we haven’t talked in a really long time. It seems like a whole lifetime ago. I was wondering what you thought about the market for hemp here. Just email me back if you think we could talk about this. Hope to talk to you soon. jrconstruction@live.com
James Rosdhal

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