Meet My Friends

Meet My Friends

Hi all - Chris here again. I hope everyone is having a beautiful day out there.

I’m blessed by the countless joys that come from our 3rd generation family farm in Oregon. Communing with nature and tending this plot of paradise in The Willamette Valley is definitely something I wake up each morning thinking about, no matter where I am. When I’m not dreaming about the farm I often find my thoughts drifting towards all of the wonderful human beings who push on, assisted by the bounty of Springhill Farm CBD.

The people who trust us to bring them relief as they go about their own journeys in life. We are proud and privileged to continue improving their human experience with our topicals


I’m so glad The Rub is helping James in his daily battles recovering from neck surgery. We have a simple philosophy when it comes to The Rub: rub it into anything on your body that hurts, come back and tell us how it has helped. I tend to overdo it on the farm, so for me - it’s a constant battle with my lower back. Another user had a horse step on her foot, and standing is part of her job. She applied The Rub and reported back to work the next day.


Most people can relate with Donna. When my family goes outside we are guaranteed to be eaten alive by mosquitoes. A quick dab of The Rub keeps us from staying up all night scratching and itching. We've found this to be a great reliever for both plants and bugs that cause irritation and swelling. We have a beautiful section of oak woods on the farm, and we often have to clear out the poison oak. You can imagine the relief I get from The Rub. It’s not just physical.


The seemingly never ending battle with arthritis is one of the main reasons people reach out to the farm about our products. As we all age, this is a war we must be ready for. In severe cases of arthritis, a 1-2 punch of applying the water based Roll-On and covering it with our oil based The Rub is the most effective way to comfort. The Roll-On works its way through to the bone and is fast acting as it calms the nerves to reduce inflammation. Covering the same area with The Rub also insures long lasting relief to the deepest muscle and joint pains associated with arthritis.


I am so glad you bring up our soil. This is where I spend a lot of time considering and balancing Springhill Farm’s fragile ecosystem made up of organic matter, bacteria, and mycelia. Regenerative Agriculture is also one of my favorite processes on the farm, and it really is the secret difference between us and the “other guys”. Don’t tell anyone.

Thanks for your kind words, Nancy. We are so glad to hear the Roll-On is helping relieve your joint pain.


This was exactly the reason I designed the Roll-On Traveler in the first place, Ashley. When I overexert my knees on the farm, I can feel them locking up. A quick roll down and I am good to go. Humans who tend to push their bodies to the limit daily may need a little extra self care. Musicians who tour, mechanics, and farm workers on the go are some of our most frequent clients. That’s why I needed to create a deep diving, fast acting topical that is residue free, in an easy to carry travel safe size.


Very humbled to help so many shingles sufferers out there. We have had great success battling this long lasting nightmare with our Roll-On products. Time and time again we are asked about shingles specifically, and the Roll-On has reportedly reduced inflammation around the breakout sight every time. Designed to be applied quickly and easily, our Roll-On formula is lightweight and especially well-suited to cover large surface areas. This aids in calming the nerves, increasing blood flow to the affected areas and allowing for the healing process to begin.


Dorothy! After hearing how many other products and blends you have tried, I’m just super grateful that you finally found and chose us amongst all the clutter. I know first hand what it is like to go from not walking well to pain free. I use the Roll-On daily and many of our clients have reported it comforting their back pain in a matter of minutes. Not only from a physical perspective but also providing mental solace when not managing consistent pain. It makes me a better human.

So now that you’ve met some of my friends, why not help some of your friends try us out? We’ll make it free for them, if you cover shipping. Deal?

Customer reviews are the biggest complement. It inspires others to try our products, and that really is all we can ask for. If you have your own story to tell we would love to share it! Please send your story to or text to 503-985-6199. 

Thanks again for being a loyal Springhill Farm customer. Welcome to the family.

- Chris Mecham
Founder, Farmer
Springhill Farm
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