The Therapeutic Value of Portland in the 90s

The Therapeutic Value of Portland in the 90s

Hi Everyone,

I want to share a bit about what led me to cultivate the land on Springhill Farm.

Portland music was the soundtrack of my youth and the skateboard scene of the 90s was my playground. It was a very self reliant, do-it-yourself subculture that shaped me. It was inspiring to watch people have a passion and idea, not waiting for permission and just making things happen. Weekends were filled with long bus rides to skateboard at a skateboard park a few people, without any ok from the city, decided to build under the Burnside Bridge. Evenings were spent at underground punk shows put on by teenagers for teenagers without any adult involvement. Winters were filled days on Mt. Hood, in the out-of-bounds areas off of marked ski runs, building our own jumps and obstacles because the ski resorts still didn’t really accept snowboarders or understand what we were about. The Spirit of that era, the “don’t ask permission and just do” ethos, sunk deep into my bones.

From a young age I’ve never been an observer, I am a doer. It’s how I experience and make sense of the world. My heroes aren’t found in movies or books, they are the everyday people out in the world following their passion and making things happen. It wasn’t enough for me to thrash around with my friends in the crowd at shows, I taught myself drums, formed a band and made the music that I loved. I wasn’t content with taking the bus for hours to Portland to skate Burnside, I rallied with friends and hand built a skatepark in our own town. I’ve never been one to watch skateboard and snowboard videos, I wanted to be the one throwing myself off massive cornices on the mountain or grinding down handrails at the local college.

Springhill Farm

But, this way of life came with a cost. I asked a lot of my body overtime, maybe more than I should have. Years of injuries, back-breaking work and non-stop living in the moment took its toll.

By my thirties, I was dealing with chronic lower back pain and crippling sciatica. Most days were hard and filled with stiffness and pain. It was like life slammed on the breaks. In a quest for relief, I saw every specialist imaginable, and took their recommendations. I had regular acupuncture, chiropractic and physical therapy appointments. I’d sauna three times a week and exercise to the extent my discomfort would allow. And although all these seemed to help, nothing got me back to a pain free life.

That was when my child of the 90’s, figure-it-out spirit kicked in. So, down the research rabbit hole I went. In my research, I started to read about the possible benefits of cannabis.

Chris Mecham, Springhill Farm Owner.

Not one to just read, I began cultivating a few strains. These strains were rumored to contain cannabidiol. At the time, not much was known about the benefits of CBD. During my trial and error phase, it hit me, I could breed plants to isolate the CBD properties and bring something new into the world that might give me the relief I was seeking for. Through careful, selective breeding, I found that I could heighten or diminish healthful properties in the genetic line. At that moment I was hooked and found my calling. The oil that I extracted from those first CBD specific strains gave me the kind of pain relief I’d been searching for. I knew I was on the right track and Springhill Farm began and most importantly, I was able to get back to the life I wanted to lead.

It is my greatest hope that you too have found similar benefits. Since beginning Springhill Farm we’ve heard countless stories of folks who’ve found similar relief from CBD.

Chris Mecham, Springhill Farm farmer

We’d love for you to try it yourself. So, we’re making it simple. You cover shipping, and we’ll send you a sample of the strain of your choice. Already use our product? Help a friend experience the difference, on us!

If you’re in Oregon, come and see us three times a week at your local Farmers Market and share your CBD story! Through October you’ll find us at the Forest Grove Farmers Market on Wednesdays, Downtown Hillsboro Farmers Market on Saturdays and the Orenco Station Farmers Market on Sundays.

Chris Mecham

Founder, Farmer

Springhill Farm

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