Home and the Art of the Scientific Method

Home and the Art of the Scientific Method

Hello Again,

Everything changed for me in 2015. I had put off the conversation with my family about cultivating cannabidiol at Springhill Farm as long as I could … until my body had other plans. 

The whole brood attended a relative's graduation at Georgetown University in Washington DC. It was a long day of sitting in chairs, standing and walking - rinse and repeat. By the end of it, my body was done. When I awoke the next morning I couldn’t even sit up. I was by myself, the phone was plugged in across the room, and I needed to call someone for help. In extreme pain I rolled onto the floor and crawled across the expanse to gather my phone. At that moment I knew I could no longer live like this. The only relief for my pain was from the small amount of CBD which had been produced by experiment in a garage. CBD was the answer, and my parents had the perfect south facing property in the Willamette Valley to continue testing.

I reached out to my folks the next day.

If criticism is the backbone of the scientific method, seeing the relief CBD offered me over months of experimentation led my parents to a definite conclusion. After consulting with the extended family, my parents not only gave consent but they also decided to join me on the journey. Anything worth doing is worth doing right.

As I caught my parents up on the growing experiences and learned lessons I had obtained, it was quickly decided we were nowhere near ready to plant in a field. With CBD still in its infancy, we needed to research their properties and benefits by cultivating the highest quality strains - without the added variable of the natural world. We started a small indoor growing operation that, to us, felt like a laboratory where we could observe and control the conditions which lead to a potent and fully formed plant..

Experience is the best teacher so we started with the hardest strain to grow.

The ACDC strain is boasted to contain 19% CBD. Sativa dominant, it contains properties which help with energy and focus. It is also one of the most fickle plants to grow. We figured if ACDC was the hardest to grow, that is definitely where we should start. Sourcing the strain was very difficult but I was able to obtain four plants. Two died immediately without explanation. My parents and I babied those two remaining plants like you wouldn’t believe. Those little guys taught us so much, and we were able to keep them alive and thriving to the point of cloning offspring. From each generation we learned more about the subtle nuances of the effects and educated ourselves on how to obtain more specific results.

The work was paying off. 

My body felt the immediate difference and I was able to get back to my active lifestyle. The product those plants produced was lightyears beyond anything I’d tried before. At that point we knew that adding the natural ecosystem of Springhill Farm to the mix would make our offerings some of the best on the planet.

With the help of so many family and friends, I prepared the land and planted our first crop. Every season I am humbled and grateful to have the opportunity to cultivate this land and produce an offering that does so much good for so many people. So many friends. So many families. 

The years of care and love make a difference that I know you experience. That’s why we’re making it simple. You cover shipping, and we’ll send you a sample of the strain of your choice.  Already use our product? Help a friend experience the difference, on us!

Thank you.

- Chris Mecham

Founder, Farmer

Springhill Farm

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