Meet My Family

Meet My Family

Hi all! Chris here. Hope everyone is staying cool during these summer months, and perhaps able to spend a little quality time with their family. I recently gathered with my family here in Oregon, and realized that maybe you haven’t been properly introduced to the people who really make this farm function - my family.

The glue that holds the family and farm together, Mom organizes the big projects and looks after all the children as the rest take care of the land. She still makes us all take our daily vitamins, cooks the best meals, and does everything in her power to keep us productive on the farm. Mom has always been concerned with other peoples' well-being. Everytime you receive a package from us, it’s my own mother’s hands that bundles it up and shuffles it off to the mail carrier. She’s the most caring person I know (I may be biased) and she brings a wealth of knowledge in natural remedies wherever she goes.

 I like to stay as high functioning as possible while running a farm and taking care of a 2 year old. Just like Mom, I need help staying balanced. The Cherry strain that we use in our products for Balance works perfectly. I use the Balance Liquid Drops on most days. On other days, if I find I need something with a little more pain relief or if the stress levels start to ramp up, I use Relax Liquid Drops which benefit from the Wife strain - calming aches and easing my mind. Some days we all need a little extra help, and that’s OK.


Working side by side with my father is love. He is a kind and gentle soul, as steady as they come. When issues and stress arise, as they naturally do throughout a season, I often find myself asking his advice. When we end up talking about the plants, he’s the plant master. Pops is the go-to because his relationship with these organisms goes deep. He intimately knows each genetic strain, field tested on how to get the best out of the individual, like a hemp whisperer.

Pops and I are on the same regiment … go figure. If I feel like I am getting sick at all I will use the CBDA+ Liquid Drops. Also, just like my dad, I use our Jupiter Sleep Liquid Drops almost every night when I need help shutting off my brain or relaxing. It helps me stay asleep, and I need the rest to re-energize and ready myself to be a good husband, father, farmer, and person. He taught me that.


My sister Chelsie and her husband John are the cavalry of the family. So many times I will be struggling working alone, then I’ll look up to see Chelsie, John, and their children arrive. It’s always a ray of sunshine. Chelsie has such a warm and uplifting attitude, you can not help but have a better day when she is around. John is a superhero on the farm with his vast farming experience and engineering background. His advice is gold in my book.

Like Chelsie, I also can lose focus. ACDC helps focus and calm ADHD, and that’s pretty amazing. ACDC was the first choice of strain on our farm, and because of Chelsie - holds a special place in our heart. ACDC is quite popular and is one of the strains we sell out of the most, because of limited supply and we are sold out until harvest I use our Balance Liquid Drops. John uses The Rub for his back, and most of us can relate to that. You don’t have to wait until you are completely engulfed in pain to use our products. Preventative measures such as applying The Rub as soon as I start feeling any tightness or pains work best for me.


Valarie is the most organized. Everytime I work with my baby sister, I think to myself, “I need to be more organized like Val”. Val handles the day to day around the farm, and that’s no small task. We work so well together that we can anticipate what’s next, making work easy and smooth. I can not tell you how important this is around a farm - she’s extremely valuable to the whole operation.

Val and I carry The Rub and our Roll-On wherever we go. In my case I have better days when I have it on hand. If the pain is allowed to build for hours it’s hard to concentrate, stress in the body builds, my patience is more easily tested. This all can be avoided if I apply a little topical when the pain or stiffness starts. We all have enough life stress going on. We don’t need knee pain along with it. Often, when I find my lower back issues are flaring up, I use the Roll-on first then follow over the top with The Rub. First I apply the The Roll-On as it is water based and dives to the bone, activating quickly to quiet frying nerves. Since The Rub is oil based, I apply it next to nourish the skin, loosen my joints, and relax the muscles over a longer period of time. The combination of the two may be the greatest salve we have to offer topically.


So now that you’ve met the family behind the farm, does any of your family seek the same type of relief? If they do, why not help them by sending them a free sample of our Springhill Farm Drops.


Customer reviews are the biggest complement. It inspires others to try our products, and that really is all we can ask for. If you have your own story to tell we would love to share it! Please send your story to or text to 503-985-6199.


Thanks for taking this journey with me. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or other ideas on how we might be able to help.


- Chris Mecham

Founder, Farmer

Springhill Farm


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