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Liquid Drops: For Immune Boost CBDA+

Liquid Drops: For Immune Boost CBDA+

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Give your immune system an extra boost with our specially formulated CBDA+ liquid drops. 

Active CBDA Strain: Cherry

Discover the unique properties of each strain here.

Choose from two strengths: 500mg (daily maintenance) or 2000mg (medical strength). See “How to Use” below for daily dosage calculation instructions. 


Liquid Drops Immune Boost Profile

How to use

Use dropper to place desired amount in your mouth and swallow. Everyone has different tolerance levels. Start slow until you find your desired effect.

Our droppers have precision line markers at .25ml / .5ml / .75ml so you can accurately measure to achieve your optimal daily dosage.

How to Determine Your Daily Dosage:

For Daily Maintenance - Select 500mg strength

Minimum recommended: .25ml (contains 5mg active ingredients)

Maximum recommended: 1ml (contains 20mg active ingredients)

For Extra Strength - Select 2000mg strength

Minimum recommended: 1 ml (contains 60mg active ingredients)

Maximum recommended: 2.5ml (contains 150mg active ingredients)



Hemp Flower Extract, MTC oil (coconut oil)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Karen Casey
Liquid Drops for Immune Boost

This must work really well because the other people in my household have had colds and I have not been sick at all this winter...

Kate s
Allergies much better

I bought the immune boost because I had several trips planned and every time I did one I came back exhausted and sometimes sick for weeks. I thought maybe I’d try the immune boost to help me with my three conventions in four months. I had to play with my dosage but after a few days I realized my seasonal allergies were better and I had been forgetting to take my 2 allergy meds! I’m only taking one every other day! Because I’m coughing and sneezing less my acid reflux is better! I have a boost of energy when I’m at my busiest! I am totally surprised and happy!

Covid-19 shot my immune system!

Springhill Farm’s Immune CBDA+ 2000mg drops have been helpful in fighting my deep chest cough courtesy of Covid! I notice the difference in the days I take Immune drops & when I don’t. Hot Cinnamon is my favorite! Thanks Springhill Farm❣️

Joint pain? Stay healthy?

Wonderful product that we use daily! Not only does it help with my joint pain, but also gives us an immunity boost! Everyone needs a boost these days…. Can’t recommend enough!!!!

Joe Pagano
High quality

Having sufferred from a number of ailments that compromised my sleep qaulity, this product has made a world of difference to my quality of sleep which has assisted with managing my condition. Great product and highly recommend it.