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The Springhill Farm

Liquid Drops - 2ml Sampler

Liquid Drops - 2ml Sampler

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We get it. The only way to get to know us, is to try us.
This sample size of 2 ml is good for 2 extra strength doses or 4 daily maintenance doses.

We’ve put our heart and soul into this farm and want you to experience the difference that our curated strains can make.

So, we’re making it simple. You cover shipping, and we’ll send you a sample of the strain of your choice. Already use our product? Help a friend experience the difference, on us!
Limited to one per person. Good while supplies last. 

How to use

Use dropper to place desired amount in your mouth and swallow. Everyone has different tolerance levels. Start slow until you find your desired effect.

Our droppers have precision line markers at .25ml / .5ml / .75ml so you can accurately measure to achieve your optimal daily dosage.

How to Determine Your Daily Dosage:

For Daily Maintenance - Select 500mg strength

Minimum recommended: .25ml (contains 5mg active ingredients)

Maximum recommended: 1ml (contains 20mg active ingredients)

For Extra Strength - Select 2000mg strength

Minimum recommended: 1 ml (contains 60mg active ingredients)

Maximum recommended: 2.5ml (contains 150mg active ingredients)



Hemp Flower Extract, MTC oil (coconut oil)
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