Our Process

The extraordinary quality of Springhill Farm is the result of the care and attention given to every detail throughout our seed-to-table process. Our unique process has been developed so each strain can reach it's highest potential. We invite you to take a look at how our family owned and operated hemp farm outside of Portland, Oregon, USA brings you the best full spectrum hemp products available anywhere in the world.

1. Growing

Successful growing starts with quality seeds and superb genetics. All Springhill Farm strains have been hand-cultivated from years of research and refinement. Only strains that have passed our rigorous standards are developed into juveniles.

Each juvenile is hand planted in tailor mixed sustainable soil. Our plants are fed a seaweed heavy diet in a base of natural beneficial bacteria and a strong mycelium network.To grow the highest quality hemp possible, each plant is under optimal sunlight on southern facing hills.

Throughout the growing process, we tend to each plant individually, tailoring natural and organic nutrients as needed. No synthetics are ever used in any part of our processes.

2. Harvesting

All hemp flowers are harvested by hand at the peak of blooming. In compliance with the Oregon Department of Agriculture, we test during cultivation to ensure THC levels do not exceed legal limits.

Harvested plants are then hung upside-down to dry in temperature-controlled dark allowing each plant to develop to their full potency.

3. Curing

The Springhill Farm customized curing process gives our flower the rich scent, taste, and look that sets us apart from anyone else in the market. After a long, cold dry hang, flowers are kept on branches and sealed in small bins. Our cold cure process takes 3 months to complete. This carefully refined and maintained process allows the flower to develop a full terpene (aroma) profile.

4. Oil Extraction & Production

We use 2 processes for oil extraction: Live Rosin & Distillate. During our Distillate process, harvested flowers are frozen and then washed using 100% pure grain alcohol. The product is then filtered, alcohol is evaporated out, and finally the oils are purged. The Live Rosin process uses only heat and pressure to squeeze the oil out, resulting in solvent-free and terpene rich product.

All of our oils are full spectrum, meaning Springhill Farm products contain all the cannabinoids naturally found in the cannabis plant. 

Products are manufactured using ultrasonic vibrations (sound waves) to mix our products, making them 50% more bio available than standard mixers or homogenizing equipment.

Our Plants

  • Cherry

    Sativa dominant - Uplifting daytime use recommended for balanced energy - Sweet - Earthy - Tangy


    Cherry smells like ripe summer cherries and also reminds us of the delicate, fruity-earthy fragrance of soothing herbal tea. Uplifting for daytime use, it’s a perfect choice for finding the balance and flow during creative work.


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  • Sweet Purple Grape

    Sativa dominant - Uplifting daytime use recommended for balanced energy - Sweet - Sweet - Grape


    Sweet Purple Grape is fruity, with subtle notes of grapefruit and powerfully sweet notes of purple grape upfront—almost like the bright purple smell of grape-flavored Hubba Bubba bubble gum we chewed as kids. Like its smell suggests, this strain is fun and happy. Great for daytime use.


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  • The Wife

    Indica dominant Sativa hybrid - Use in the daytime to relax the body and mind to achieve calm and control. Use at night to help with sleep - Sweet - Floral - Berry


    The Wife is floral, with hints of fresh kiwi and mango, and subtle undertones of high desert pine. This strain elicits pleasant sensations and promotes calm during the stress of a busy work day. At the end of the day, it will help you unwind—perfect for chilling on the couch with Netflix, or right before bed to encourage peaceful sleep.


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  • ACDC

    Sativa dominant - Uplifting daytime use - Earthy - Sweet - Skunky


    ACDC is not floral or fruity - it's skunk, funky, with spicy, peppery notes. Like the name suggests, it's more rock n' roll than some of the other strains. This is a great pep up for daytime use and is especially perfect when your days work involves something physical - like cleaning the house, mowing the lawn, or hitting the skatepark.


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  • Jupiter

    Indica dominant -  Recommended for night time use 


    Jupiter is a pure indica strain that was named after the largest planet in our solar system, and for good reasons. The cultivar was developed with the sole purpose of potent effects that make a big impact on its user. Its rapid effects are hard-hitting and forceful, immersing the body in complete calm.