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Liquid Drops: For Sleep

Liquid Drops: For Sleep

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It’s time you get some better sleep. Join the thousands of people who have improved their sleep - falling to sleep faster and staying asleep longer - through Springhill Farm’s Sleep liquid drops formula. Bonus: CBD’s natural anti-inflammatory properties help keep your body at rest.

Active CBD Strain in Springhill Farm’s Sleep formula: Jupiter

Discover the unique properties of each strain here.

Choose from two strengths: 500mg (daily maintenance) or 2000mg (medical strength). See “How to Use” below for daily dosage calculation instructions. 

How to use

Use dropper to place desired amount in your mouth and swallow. Everyone has different tolerance levels. Start slow until you find your desired effect.

Our droppers have precision line markers at .25ml / .5ml / .75ml so you can accurately measure to achieve your optimal daily dosage.

How to Determine Your Daily Dosage:

For Daily Maintenance - Select 500mg strength

Minimum recommended: .25ml (contains 5mg active ingredients)

Maximum recommended: 1ml (contains 20mg active ingredients)

For Extra Strength - Select 2000mg strength

Minimum recommended: 1 ml (contains 60mg active ingredients)

Maximum recommended: 2.5ml (contains 150mg active ingredients)



Hemp Flower Extract, MTC oil (coconut oil)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

I have managed to cut Ambien out of my nights now that I am taking your “sleep” formula. Most nights it’s wonderful. About once a week, however, it just doesn’t do it for me. I have not figured out what to do about this.

Kate s
Sleeping better

At first these drop didn’t do much and then I found out I wasn’t dosing correctly. The information is on the website, not the bottle or anywhere with the product. Once I adjusted my dose sleeping came better and faster, most of the time. About once every ten days stress still wins and I can’t sleep. My inability to turn off my brain isn’t their fault or that my husbands snoring waking me up. I also, sleep deeper and wake up more refreshed. If you have insomnia try it! You may have to adjust the dosing. It’s tricky because you never know exactly when you fell asleep. One last thing. To turn off my brain I do my neck stretches in bed, turning right and left ten times on each side. Concentrating on my neck and counting makes my brain slow down so sleep comes and then this product can get to work. Also, I’m less likely to wake up with a sore neck.

David S.
Quality Product

I have been dealing with sleep-maintenance insomnia. I’ll fall asleep alright, but randomly wake a few hours later. These drops help ensure I stay asleep for the duration. It might not work for everyone, depending on other variables. It works for me.

Susan Harsin
Finally able to get a good nights sleep

The drops have been wonderful. I sleep well and have energy for the day. Thank you.

Teri Kemp
Great product!

Great product, really helps me to get to sleep and stay asleep! And the customer service is top notch!
Thank you for helping me and so many others