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Pet Drops: For Relaxation

Pet Drops: For Relaxation

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We love our furry friends. That’s why our pet products have gone through the same rigorous testing and quality control as every other Springhill Farm product. All pet drops are hemp extracted, full spectrum, and rich in natural terpenes in a base of organic MTC (coconut) oil. Our Relaxation & Relief blend is strain-specific to give your cat or dog daily. Available in their favorite flavors: Catnip for cats, Peanut Butter for dogs, or Natural.

How to use:

Use dropper to place desired amount into your mouth pet’s mouth or on food. Every pet will have different tolerance levels. 

Our droppers have precision line markers at .25ml / .5ml / .75ml so you can accurately measure to achieve the optimal dosage. Start with .25ml. Increase as needed.  


Bella’s Arthritis
Product: Pet Drops: Relax 
Posted By: Vyonne B
The drops help my dogs arthritis, she has the drops everyday which has helped her move more freely. Thank you


Liquids are blended using ultra sonic (Sound Vibrations). We have developed our mixing practices over 4 years. Our Processes break down hard to digest oils making our product 50% more bio-available and cuts activation time down considerably. Effects have been reported as soon as 5 minutes after taking. 

Pet drops come in 2 strengths, both come in 15ml bottles. All pet drops come in Catnip for cats, peanut butter for dogs, or Natural if you wanted to add your own flavor. 



Hemp Flower Extract, MTC oil (coconut oil)

How to use

For small pets 1 drop for every 2.5lbs is recommended to start. Increase as needed.

For large pets 1 drop for every 10lbs is recommended to start. Increase as needed. 

Everyone pet will have different tolerance levels. Use dropper to place desired amount in your mouth pets mouth or on food.   

Small Pets (under 30lbs) - 250mg bottle - dosage: 1 drop = .7mgs / 1ml = 16mgs 

Large Pets (30lbs and up) - 1000mg bottle - dosage: 1 drop = 3.3mgs  / 1ml = 66mgs

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
life savor

my dog is 15 and this is the only thing that helps calm him. He has arthritis and seizers. I would not go without this it has helped him so much, Thank you.

Tammie Hutchings
Best dog

This helps my dog relax and sleep. Life saver.

Judith Sugg
Perfect product for my dog

My sweet, older dog (who hates loud noises) gets pet drops daily. It helps her body and her nerves. And, she likes the taste.

Ashley Arnold

We've tried so many natural products to try and help our GSD with her anxiety. Springhill has been more than amazing trying to help us. I'd give more stars if I could just for Customer Service.